About Us

Meet Pastor Elijah Sebuchu

Our co-founder, Pastor Elijah Sebuchu was born in a swamp and grew up in extreme poverty in Kayunga district, in rural Uganda. As one of 38 children in a polygamous family of 12 wives of his father, he slept on the ground without even a blanket until he was 13 years of age and almost died from insect infestations at the age of six. When he was 15 years old he received his first pair of shoes and at 19 years he first felt the satisfaction of a full stomach.

Family:  Elijah Sebuchu is married to Ruth and 6 children. They live in Kampala- Uganda. Although his childhood was miserable in many respects, Pastor Elijah was privileged to have an angel who raised him up. This angel was his godly mother Esther who daily spoke powerful authoritative words of prophecy in his life: “You are born to lead” , “ You are not going to die like many children in Uganda but you will grow up into a responsible National leader …” , “ Esther also taught her son powerful life lessons & Biblical principles that have shaped Elijah into the man, national leader, outstanding Pastor/ Bishop, and person he is today. Elijah is a grandson of George William Bakkulumpagi- A Former Tribal Chief in the Baganda tribe, the biggest tribe in Uganda.

Education: Although his childhood was miserable in many respects, Pastor Elijah was afforded the opportunity of an education, unlike most of the poor in his country. He took advantage of this opportunity, eventually getting: BA , Project Planning & Management, Makerere University, Kampala; BA , Christian Ministry, Alpha & Omega Seminary; Diploma in Theology, Uganda Christian University (Formerly Bishop Tucker Theological College). Presently he is doing Rural Economic Development Studies at Makerere University, Kampala.

Christian Ministry: Elijah became a born-again Christian in 1991, having served as a pastor in the Anglican Church before his salvation. Almost immediately, he began pursuing God’s calling. He became an evangelist and church planter by planting several churches throughout the country side of Uganda until 2003 when he moved into Kampala city (Uganda’s capital) to found Kampala International Christian Centre (KICC).

Establishing Global Discipleship Ministries (GDM): GDM, the organization that covers all the churches & ministries led by Pastor Elijah Sebuchu was registered with the Uganda government in 1997. Together with the many laborers in Uganda, Elijah and Ruth serve over 70 churches directly and over 200 Partner Churches through relational overseers.

Other than the Churches,this ministry does the work of Evangelism, Discipleship, and National Transformation through:

The National Radio Ministry: Through this, Pastor Elijah hosts weekly Radio talk shows dubbed “Success Wisdom” that reaches out to approximately 30 Million people weekly.

Youth Ablaze: This is the youth ministry of GDM. It targets the young leaders of 15-35 year olds, preparing them as young Christian leaders, empowering them to transform a nation in the name of Jesus Christ. Pastor Elijah Sebuchu together with his leadership team and the 298 Ministers host an annual Youth Ablaze International Convention (usually later in August)  which attracts thousands of delegates from all regions of Uganda, all denominations, and delegates come from many other African countries to be set ablaze and cause transformation. With 67 conference delegates in 2001, this annual conference presently attracts about 6000 delegates! Between 2001 and 2013, Youth Ablaze ministry boasts of Honorable Members of Parliament, Pastors, Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, etc who have been the direct products of YA. These powerful great leaders together with the thousands of strong Christian marriages (considering the known African polygamous marriages) make Youth Ablaze a powerful ministry which is taking the Nation of Uganda by storm.

Considering the fact that 78% of the people of Uganda are young people under the age of 30, Youth Ablaze is basically reaching out to the majority of the Ugandan population. www.globaldiscipleship.net

Women Empowerment: Through this ministry, Ruth seeks to provide special care and empowerment to the girls & young women in Uganda. Every year, Pastor Ruth together with her National Women Empowerment executive committee and Anna Latshaw put together a huge Women Empowerment conference. Presently over 2000 delegates participate in the Women Empowerment Conference at Kampala International Christian Centre (KICC). www.globaldiscipleship.net

The birth of Hands of Love Foundation: As God was growing His church ministry under the leadership & stewardship of Pastor Elijah Sebuchu, God also began opening Elijah’s eyes and heart to the droves of orphans wandering aimlessly and helplessly throughout the country. Elijah became increasingly burdened by these children and the seemingly hopeless plight of his country. Over 2.7 million hopeless helpless children wonder from “Nowhere to Nowhere” in Uganda

One day, while in prayer and fasting, God told Elijah that he and his wife, Ruth, were to be His “Hands of Love” to these orphans. God wanted Elijah and Ruth to feed, clothe, shelter, love, and educate these children while speaking God’s truth into their lives. With only $10 at hand Elijah tried to resist God’s unique calling but God insisted “When you have me God you have everything, without me you have nothing”

After “a commissioning prayer” by his mother Esther and “a special donation of land from her” together with a borrowed machete, Elijah & Ruth walked to the Rural Namadhi- Mayuge District and built 7 mud huts that attracted 188 wandering children, thus hands of love started. Presently Hands of Love Foundation cares for over 1800 Orphans & other vulnerable children, with 3 schools, a clinic, and a babies home (for the 0-2 year olds) under construction.

Hands of Love Foundation has support base in Germany, United Kingdom and USA. The ministries of GDM & Hands of Love Foundation in Uganda is made possible by a dedicated sacrificial Board of Directors, a board of advisors, and a unique, committed team of great men & women who totals to 298 Ministers/staff characterized by servanthood and Love.

Kampala International Christian Centre (KICC):

This non-denomination church is one of the fastest growing churches in Uganda headed by the pastoral team of qualified Pastors & Elders with Pastor Elijah & Ruth Sebuchu as Senior Pastor. KICC is the headquarters of GDM & Hands of Love Foundation. This is our ministry base in Uganda. Located at Kyanja- Kampala, 7 miles on Gayaza Road, KICC is a powerful, lively Church where the Power of God is in action now. At KICC, Jesus Christ is the Head, Love is the King & the Bible is the Book. KICC being the venue of the Massive annual conferences, the home for almost 300 Churches, the place for the weekly life groups, and 2 powerful worship celebrations every Sunday, with a total of 4 weekly services, the Center is very busy.

Meet David Hacker

David Hacker partnered with Elijah to found Messengers of Hope in 2013.  After visiting the work in Uganda including several local churches and the Hands of Love orphanages he was compelled to help. “The opportunity is now to invest in the local churches in Uganda. The poor need the Gospel preached and we can empower the local pastors who are trained by Elijah and his well-equipped staff to propel the Good News that Jesus is Lord. I am excited to partner with Elijah to bring resources from America to a nation that is a treasure destined for change and greatness. Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa.” David is Associate Broker with Piedmont Real Estate Group, Inc.  in Atlanta, Georgia where he lives with his precious wife, Faith, and 6 children.  He also serves in his local church, The Factory Church, on the Planning Commission in Woodstock, Georgia, and is on the Advisory Board of Hands of Love USA. Through Hands of Love USA, (www.handsofloveusa.org) the vulnerable children are being educated and helped to grow into the men & women God wants them to be.

Meet Neal Kelley

Neal Kelley is a Senior Training Consultant for Auburn University at Montgomery.  He consults with organizational leaders and delivers customized training solutions to equip their people with leadership and management skills to move their organization forward. Prior to joining the staff of AUM, Neal served as the Director of Operations for Leadership Training International, a non-profit organization committed to training Christian leaders around the world.  As a Master Trainer for LTI, he conducted train-the-trainer workshops to empower pastors and leaders in many nations.  He has also successfully served as a Senior Manager for a large manufacturing company.  His professional interests include training and development, organizational leadership, and strategic planning.  He holds an M.B.A. and a Master of Divinity degree. Neal is passionate about equipping disciples who will expand the Kingdom of God on earth.  He currently serves as the pastor of a community church.