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We invite churches, businesses, families and individuals to support a church pastor for a monthly commitment of $100 or more.

 A onetime special project:

  • Pastors and Leaders Conferences
  • Village Church Buildings
  • Bible College Training for Pastors
  • Buy a Bicycle for a Rural Pastor
  • Buy a Motorcycle for a Pastor
  • Buy a car for a Pastor ( For those who oversee 5 Churches or more)
  • Water wells

The general welfare of Pastors and Church leaders in Uganda:

Most of the pastors and leaders serving in Ugandan Churches live in extreme poverty yet with a small amount of support they can reach many people.

Most Pastors in Uganda do not have any support for themselves. For those with families to look after, the situation becomes worse.

We have cases where a Rural Pastor will walk 10-30 miles three times a week in order to preach to his church!  Such could be solved by putting a bicycle or motorcycle in the hands of faithful and committed servants of God.

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Phone: 770-329-2878

Email: [email protected]

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