Uganda is a small country of about 37 Million people, located in the horn of Africa. Uganda is one of the countries that make up East Africa. The others are Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, and Rwanda. Uganda is a former British colony and acquired her Independence in October 1962. Since then, Uganda has gone through horrible experiences that left the Country in a devastated state, battling with Poverty, Terrible diseases like Malaria, Cholera, Sleeping sickness, HIV/AIDS to mention a few.

Uganda has also suffered with horrible issues of child sacrifice, cannibalism, polygamy, female mutilation, and tribalism.

Due to HIV/AIDS, Uganda has the youngest population in the world with 50% of the population children under 15 years!

Horrible dictators like Iddi Amini (1971-1979) made freedom of worship impossible. This led to the stunted growth of the Christian Church. It was not until 1986 that the Church gained genuine freedom and started to re-establish. Since then, tens of thousands of churches have sprung up with many young untrained pastors and ministers. Most of these young pastors and church ministers have no salaries and receive no compensation for their Labor. These poverty stricken though very much committed pastors end up doing the work of the ministry at the expense of the welfare of their usually bigfamilies. In Uganda, you will find very poor churches almost in every corner of the country.